A vintage Citroen H-van, lovingly serving coffee,
beverages and happiness across Hull & Yorkshire.


The Rendezvous Tale

Once upon a time, Helen, an adventurous traveller, went to work in Australia. Under the Sydney sun, she met an Australian prince called Mayo and they fell madly in love. She told him all about an amazing place in a faraway land called Hull (her home city), so they moved over there, got married and bought a quirky Citroen H van. Helen affectionately nicknamed the van Rusty and even after six months of loving restoration the name still stuck. And that, dear friends, is where the happily ever after truly began.

Rusty is a coffee van of many talents. He serves coffee at events all across the Hull and Yorkshire area, provides a romantic backdrop at weddings, delights little people (and their parents) at children’s parties, gets broody at baby showers, and has one too many Jäger Bombs at hen and stag parties. Rusty is also a dab hand wowing audiences at festivals and entertaining at corporate events. Our Rusty is a karma, karma, karma chameleon and goes wherever you want him to (as long as his wheels fit!)

Perfect For Weddings

Rusty loves weddings. We love weddings. Everyone loves weddings. You already know it’s going to be the best day of your life and we can help set your wedding apart from the rest.

We’re available for hire and can roll up just to serve welcome drinks, or party all night long. Rusty can even play your chosen music through his rooftop speakers and he’s more than happy to customise himself to fit in with your theme.

Here’s a little info about our hire packages:

  • Dry hire

    Rusty will roll up on his four glorious wheels. You buy and supply the drinks and we’ll serve them to your guests whilst you get on with the more important stuff like drinking, dancing and being in love.

  • Full bar

    Rusty rocks up fully-stocked with a selection of beers, ciders, spirits, wine and cocktails. He knows how to party. There are a couple of options with a full bar, guests can either pay for all of their drinks, you can provide a free bar, or you can put a tab behind the bar and when that amount is reached we’ll start charging guests.

  • Something else?

    Rusty loves doing new things. Whether you want champagne welcome drinks at your reception, a shot of tequila before your guests go in the church, or Pimms in the summer sun, Rusty is perfect for the job and we’re pretty sure we can do whatever it is you’re thinking about. As long as it’s not too weird. Rusty doesn’t like going underwater and he refuses to be painted up to look like a leopard.

    Please contact us and we’ll come back to you super quick with a price based on where your wedding is, what package you’re interested in and how long you want us to be there. Rusty can even do overnight trips if you want him to serve hangover juice in the morning.

Parties & Events

Rusty likes to party. Who doesn’t like parties? Rusty makes a great addition to events and private functions. He’s a real show-stopper. Twit twoo.

He can brand himself up to fit in with your product or corporate brand, provide refreshments at sports matches, make a statement at festivals, or put his toughest wheels on for agricultural shows. He makes a great addition to all events. Rusty loves festivals too, he can last for days with no sleep!

Contact us for more info – we love hearing from new friends.

  • Baby Showers

    Rusty has a big heart and loves baby showers. Whether you’re organising your own, or you’re making arrangements for someone special, Rusty is your guy. If it’s boy-themed you’re onto a winner because he’s already blue, but if it’s a girl-theme you’re after, he does look good with pink trim and girly decorations. One thing to keep in mind with baby showers is that Rusty is pretty big and needs space to park his wheels. We can do baby-themed cocktails (and magnificent mocktails for mums-to-be), you can stock Rusty yourself, or maybe you just want to indulge in some cakes whilst your shower the mum-to-be. We can even organise the games!

  • Children’s Birthday Parties

    Now Rusty admits that he prefers dressing up as a pirate over a princess, but there is a little part of him that loves wearing a tiara. If you’ve got the space, we’ve got the van for your children’s party. We’ll theme Rusty up if your child has something in mind, we can do Disney-themed drinks and even a tipple for the adults, or you can stock Rusty yourself. We can bring hay bales covered in potato sacks (perfect seats for little people), fairy lights, sparklers, we’ll work with you. Don’t forget we can play party music from his speakers!

  • Hen/Stag Parties

    Sometimes Rusty has to cover his eyes at hen and stag parties, but he’s not as shy as you’d think! If you’re throwing a hen/stag party for one of your friends and you want to go down as the best friend in history you need Rusty on the case. You can hire him dry and stock him yourself (we’ll still serve the drinks), or he can wheel spin in with a full bar ready to get the party started! Rusty can play whatever music you like from the speakers on his roof and loves a good dance. He’s perfect as a warm-up to your night out, but he can last the full night (and next day) too.

The Story of Rusty…

Rusty was born in 1954, in the Centre-Val de Loire region of France. After many years meandering around the French countryside, he ventured over to Essex where he lived on a peaceful farm before making a glorious move to Yorkshire. Rusty was lovingly restored to his former glory and is reliving his youth serving coffee, falling in love at weddings and making a statement at events.

If you see him, be sure to try one of his aromatic coffees and say bonjour monsieur, or even just hello, since his English is pretty good now.

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We’re more than happy to make a date for you to meet Rusty, he loves getting visitors.

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